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We are so proud of our teens who have taken on the achraiyos (responsibility) of launching a fundraising campaign to repair the shul basketball court! Please help us in supporting their efforts to enhance our shul and restore an area that was invaluable to us during Covid. The more money they raise, the more fixes we can enable: some of these improvements include repairing the broken basketball hoops, fixing the cracks in the cement, beautifying the bleachers area, repainting and fixing the broken gate door, and last but certainly not least, extending the basketball court so we can make it a tennis court as well. There are also hopes of installing a scoreboard if enough funds are raised. 

As a reminder, there is a lot of ‘hakaras hatov’ we should have to this area of our property: during Covid it proved to be versatile and invaluable for way more than just the Tuesday night men’s pick-up game! Our basketball court graciously hosted our high holiday davening, shabbos shuva drasha, simchas Torah festivities, chanukah party, purim carnival and even many weeks of shalos seudas. Let’s join together to rebuild it after it helped us get through this difficult time!

The goal is to raise $25,000, and an anonymous donor has generously offered to match every one of the donations to help maximize this area of the shul’s property. 

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Together we've raised $3,498!

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Rochelle and Freddy Kohn $250

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Go Bach Teens!!

Daniel Berlin $1 000

Benjamim Katz $54

Giti Fuchs $36

Yakira qnd Nani Colish

Frada Pasik $54

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Michael Markowitz $1 000

Barry and Iris Obadiah $250

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